Real Stories - Identity Theft


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I received an SMS informing me that my mobile number was being ported to a different network provider. As I had not authorized this, I contacted my mobile provider to find out why my number was being ported. I immediately realized what was going on and phoned my bank. While on the phone, I tried logging in to my internet banking, but to no avail. As I was talking to the bank, I started receiving emails about my personal details being changed and the PIN to the credit card being changed.

I ordered this credit card two weeks ago. It was supposed to be delivered to my address, but I have not received the card to date. I told the consultant that my credit card just got activated and that the PIN had been changed. The consultant started blocking my accounts and cards. However, the following day when I went to the bank, they realized that the fraudster managed to lift the block, and maxed out my credit card. The fraudsters have stolen my identity to create a new mobile account at the different network provider, hacked my internet banking account, and stolen funds.

Signs this was a scam

  • The SMS advising the victim their number was being ported to another provider was the first sign that this was a scam.
  • The victim never received their new credit card in the mail.

Avoid this type of scam

  • Lock your mailbox. Identity theft can happen as soon as a fraudster gets access to your personal information and/or identity documents. 
  • Contact your providers immediately. Have your bank block your accounts and explain to your mobile provider that you didn't authorize for your number to be ported.

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