Real Stories - Telephone Scams & Mail Fraud


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Fake cable company employee

I was contacted by phone. The perpetrator was able to convince me that he was working for the cable company and that my internet (IP address) had been compromised. I was to help him by sending money overseas. This trap would catch the 'hackers'. He would deposit money into my savings account. I would then use that money to send overseas via MoneyGram at the local 7-Eleven Store. It was important that I did no internet banking during this time for security reasons. I did this several times until I became suspicious and checked my bank balances. He had been getting cash advances on my credit card and depositing the money into my savings account. I immediately reported to the bank.

Signs this was a scam

  • The victim was phoned out of the blue by a caller claiming to be from a large and trusted organization.
  • The caller claimed the victim’s computer was compromised. He also asked for account details and convinced the victim to send money overseas.

Avoid this type of scam

  • Hang up on the caller.
  • Refuse any request for remote access.
  • Refuse to provide personal or bank account information to the caller.
  • Refuse to transfer money from your account.

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