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Ride share scams

Ride share scams

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Whether you are riding with Uber, Lyft, Via, or any of the other Transportation Network Companies (TNC), the most important first step you can take to ensure your ride is seamless and safe is to make sure you enter the right vehicle. Prior to pick-up, every TNC provides the customer with valuable information to ensure they enter the correct vehicle. Information should include the vehicle make and model, the first name of the driver, a photo of the driver, and the vehicle license plate number. 
  • When your driver arrives, politely ask him/her their name and check their answer against the name provided on the app. 
  • Make sure the make and model of the car are accurate and ensure the license plate matches the information provided on the app. If any of the observed details do not match those on the app, do not enter the vehicle.
  • Once inside the vehicle, your driver should never ask you to pay in cash. If the driver pressures you to provide cash, ask to exit the vehicle and call 911. If the driver refuses to allow you to exit the vehicle, call 911.
  • Where you live is an important piece of information and you may not want to share this information with others. Instead of being dropped off directly in front of your apartment, house or dorm, select a drop-off location adjacent to your residence.
  • Most of the time after you exit the vehicle, your payment will be immediately processed. If you notice a cleaning fee charge ($100-$300) for no legitimate reason (you did not make a mess or vomit in the vehicle), immediately access the company website, select the trip in question and select the help section. There you will find a link titled “Dispute Cleaning Fees.” Click this link and dispute the charge.
  • You should also contact your credit card company and dispute the charge.
  • If you find an unauthorized charge on your credit card statement, immediately report this information to your local law enforcement agency and your credit card company. 

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