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Home repair / contractor fraud

Home repair / contractor fraud

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  • Be an informed consumer. Take the time to call and shop around before making a purchase. Take a friend with you who may offer some perspective to help you make difficult decisions.
  • Carefully read all contracts and purchasing agreements before signing and make certain that all of your requirements have been put in writing.
  • Make sure you understand all contract cancellation and refund terms.
  • As a general rule take control of all of your transactions as a consumer.
  • Do not allow yourself to be pressured into making purchases, signing contracts, or committing funds. These decisions are yours and yours alone.
  • Never let yourself be rushed into a “deal.” This usually means the person is up to no good. Ask for details in writing and time to review them with a trusted friend, advisor or attorney.
  • Obtain several estimates before you have any renovations or work done.
  • As a rule, do not have work done on your home by companies or individuals contacting you and offering deals.
  • Do not pay for work in advance.
  • Check references, telephone numbers and home addresses.
  • Contractors must be licensed by law. Check license numbers.
  • Close the door on pushy solicitors. 
  • Know to whom you are talking. Verify a situation with another family member before wiring or sending money.

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