Re-Shipping Scam


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  • Most re-shipping scams originate by answering an on-line advertisement, applying for a position on a job board or other official looking website for "work at home" positions.
  • Successful applicants are promised thousands of dollars for working at home with no special skills and minimal training. These jobs are very attractive to students, stay-at-home parents and seniors.
  • These positions are often advertised as merchandise managers, import/export specialists or package processing assistants.
  • The employer (Fraudster) describes the duties of the position to include:
    • Receiving merchandise from merchants (Usually Electronics).
    • Consolidating and repackaging the merchandise.
    • Affixing postage paid mailing labels.
    • Re-shipping parcels to an overseas address.
What most people don’t realize is the merchandise was purchased with stolen credit cards or counterfeit checks and you, the employee, are an unwitting coconspirator to the crime.


  • Steer clear of job advertisements where the position description involves repackaging or re-shipping merchandise.
  • Do not provide your personal identifiable information to on-line job applications. Your information may later be used in an ID Theft scheme.
  • If the salary does not match the actual work effort, it’s a scam.

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