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Notario Fraud

Notario Fraud

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Protect you and your family from TPS immigration scams

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a United States humanitarian program for nationals of countries significantly affected by ongoing armed conflict, environmental disasters and other extraordinary temporary conditions. TPS for a number of countries is under threat of ending. This means that TPS holders from affected countries would have to leave the United States or find other options to remain lawfully if their TPS were terminated. Whether you are preparing to return to your country of origin or exploring other options to obtain lawful status in the United States, please keep these important facts in mind to protect you and your family's future:
  • Only licensed lawyers and employees known as DOJ-accredited representatives who work for immigration nonprofits can give you legal advice and represent you on any immigration case. Anyone else who offers legal help isn't qualified to help you.
  • If you meet with a lawyer, he or she will more than likely have their law degree on the display. If not, do not be afraid to ask to see it, ask in what state the lawyer is licensed, or check here to make sure they haven't gotten in trouble.
  • Be careful when filling out any applications to be submitted to the United States government. Make sure all the information is true and correct and always double-check your answers to each question before signing and submitting the application. If you have a lawyer, he or she should make sure all information submitted on the forms is accurate.
  • ALL immigration forms are free and can be found at
  • When paying for any legal services, always request a receipt.
  • There is no general right to asylum. To qualify for filing an asylum claim, you must have experienced extreme harm in the past or fear extreme harm in the future if you were to return to your home country. Not every person who faces harm will qualify. Your lawyer can help you determine whether you may qualify.
  • Ask for copies of everything your lawyer submits to the U.S. government for you.
  • Your lawyer should make copies of all your personal documents, while you keep the originals.
  • Marrying someone just to obtain legal status is illegal. If caught, the consequences are severe and can result in a fine, jail time, and/or deportation.
  • If there are any changes in immigration policy, they will be made public. Do not trust anyone who claims to know about secret laws or to have special connections in the United States government.
  • If you are undocumented, your lawyer is bound to protect your identity. They cannot report you for being undocumented.
  • Avoid getting help from notarios publicos, tax preparers, friends and family, or even community leaders. Protect yourself and your family by consulting an immigration lawyer who can help you.

Remember that lawyers and accredited representatives must:

  • Explain the law and your options so that YOU can make the important decisions.
  • Sign all the papers they prepare.
  • Outline in writing their services and what you are paying for.
  • Keep your information confidential.
  • Update you on important dates and the progress of your case.
  • Give you copies of everything, even if you owe them money.
  • Return your phone calls or emails.
  • And treat you with respect.

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